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This is for you. I love you, i always do.

I dont care if he's a nobody
In my heart he'll be a somebody
Somebody to love me
(Gimme Gimme by Sutton Foster)

Hepri P

Hepri Prasetio 

21 years old.
A man who choosed me to be her wife and a mother of his childern.
Every great man always had a woman behind. I'm sure you will be a great man someday, and i wish i can always be your woman behind. Forever.
The road we've been trough is still very long. That may not be easy. But we'll get trough it together. As i always said, storms will always come. And like you said, we can go trough it all. Then, we believe, everything are gonna be ok.
I love you. Yes, i always do.
With love,
Your wife, Mrs. Hepri Prasetio.

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